That drunk dragon weirdo


Cai is a generally cheery young half elf with a long gait and a bit of a slouch. They are incredibly androgynous in appearance, with midlength blonde hair and dark blue eyes. They are pretty easily preoccupied with their obsessions, their main ones being flasks of cheap alcohol and the flight-blessed lizards they’ve adored since childhood. They tend to flourish a lot, trying to be overly impressive to strangers.

Stat Sheet
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Fill in later


Known Backstory
Cai loves dragons.
Really loves dragons. The poor kid spent their entire childhood pouring over lore, soaking up every bit of knowledge they could get their hands on about dragons. Why should a child choose petty mortal identities, after all, when they could be a dragon.
The half-elf just gained more bullying for their studies, of course, but this just made Cai more determined. They worked hard to develop draconic magic, to learn the many tongues of their literature, and most importantly learned the charisma to talk their way out of hostile encounters with angry pure-blooded elves.
Around Cai’s coming of age, living in their village just became a bit much, so their parents sent them packing off to seek more knowledge from the wondrous world out beyond. They may not have been the best survivalist, but they managed their way through many miles prior to the game’s start.

Story Thus Far
Lured by the promise of gold, Cai found themself waltzing into a bar alongside a chivalrous noble and got a silver’s worth of wine to sit down for tales assignment. They vibrated with joy as they were told about an exciting quest involving kidnapping and dragon-cults, but they were horrified by a fight breaking out in the bar. A goblin sprayed plenty of mercenary blood, and said mercenary shed the blue blood of the paladin, but Cai stood fast, clutching their wine and convincing the enemy to stand down (with a roll of 22 hell yeah). The man was then struck down by the Antivan Crows, and Cai found themself looting corpses for booze before being led to a feast and free wine to discuss the case of the missing villagers with their patron and the merry band of survivors.


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